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Fila- Yoruba Style Hat


These hats are pretty simple to make and do not take much time. It is a little frustrating tho..I will admit, because you are sewing in a circle…and if you are new to sewing and you have done sleeves…you know what I mean. I have to thank my friend Iya Adeirawo Origunwa for giving me her own personal directions on how to make the Fila. And if you would like to know, I can easily put up directions on here! 🙂

Anyways- I have started making the Filas in African wax print material and I have a few different types.  If you like them, let me know, easy to make and I can sell them for 15-20 bucks depending on the material. I have a LOT of different material, so if you want to see pics of the different designs, just tell me!





latest project, beading a handle to a knife!

well, I have never used superglue to bead anything, so this was a first time for me. And because I am not used to using superglue, I covered both palms of my hands in superglue before I even started. This of course made me hate this project in the beginning, but I actually had a lot of fun beading it. I love beading because it puts me into a meditation, my mind is clear of all things, sometimes I find myself counting the beads and I am already in the 100s!

So what I learned in this project is-

Number one, I hate how super glue dries white, so a good way to make it look nice when you are finished is to use Alcohol to clean it up.

Also, it i way easier to bead if you can find a needle small enough for the beads and have a big enough loophole for the string you are using. You can even use thread and double or triple strand it to make it strong enough. This makes the process go much faster and less frustration for getting that string through the hole.

Well, here is a picture of the handle.

First time beading a knife handle for a friend

The first few rows of beads was already beaded, the beads were way to big, they did not wrap around the handle nicely. So I switched it up to a smaller bead size.

The latest fashion by Oyaseye for Babies!



-African Print Little girl long shirt and bottoms-



 As each day gets closer, and as the baby grows inside me, my Baby fever goes up! I seem to love making babies clothes the past few days. I just started trying to figure it out, pattern free. I am pretty excited for how it came out, but of course, babies look good in everything! 🙂

For anyone interested in learning how to make this on your own, pretty soon I will be posting a “HOW TO” for this exact adorable piece!