The latest fashion by Oyaseye for Babies!



-African Print Little girl long shirt and bottoms-



 As each day gets closer, and as the baby grows inside me, my Baby fever goes up! I seem to love making babies clothes the past few days. I just started trying to figure it out, pattern free. I am pretty excited for how it came out, but of course, babies look good in everything! 🙂

For anyone interested in learning how to make this on your own, pretty soon I will be posting a “HOW TO” for this exact adorable piece!


About oyaseyefakayode

I am Oyaseye. I enjoy sewing, beading, painting, craftwork and just...creating! I have started to make children's books that share the ancient traditional stories from West Africa. The first of many is Ijimere and Ekun, the monkey and the leopard. My true inspirations are my mother OYA, my husband, and my two wonderful sonsI hope through this blog I can share ideas, stories and have my own learning experience Also, I hope to get feedback, let me know what you think! Otherwise, I am just as happy with people just stopping by! Many blessings of love and light~

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