Fila- Yoruba Style Hat


These hats are pretty simple to make and do not take much time. It is a little frustrating tho..I will admit, because you are sewing in a circle…and if you are new to sewing and you have done sleeves…you know what I mean. I have to thank my friend Iya Adeirawo Origunwa for giving me her own personal directions on how to make the Fila. And if you would like to know, I can easily put up directions on here! 🙂

Anyways- I have started making the Filas in African wax print material and I have a few different types.  If you like them, let me know, easy to make and I can sell them for 15-20 bucks depending on the material. I have a LOT of different material, so if you want to see pics of the different designs, just tell me!



About oyaseyefakayode

I am Oyaseye. I enjoy sewing, beading, painting, craftwork and just...creating! I have started to make children's books that share the ancient traditional stories from West Africa. The first of many is Ijimere and Ekun, the monkey and the leopard. My true inspirations are my mother OYA, my husband, and my two wonderful sonsI hope through this blog I can share ideas, stories and have my own learning experience Also, I hope to get feedback, let me know what you think! Otherwise, I am just as happy with people just stopping by! Many blessings of love and light~

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