Monthly Archives: July 2012

8 more weeks. 8…


8 more weeks. 8 more weeks until I see the beautiful face of my first child! 8 more weeks till I am a mother! 8 more weeks and I will feel that unconditional love that fills a mothers heart. Everyone asks me, “are you nervous?” I am everything. I am nervous, I am excited, I am anxious, I am waiting for that moment where I feel the goddess in me take over and take me through my rite of passage as a women, giving birth.
I still cant believe all that my body has already done. Creation! How can anyone think less of women when we have that ultimate power. We can create human beings inside of ourselves. That is Godly powers. That is the real power of women. The Ase that only women posses. If I can do this, I know I can do anything, my abilities are limitless.

Now that I am on the count down, and the baby will be here soon, I find that almost all I can think about is the big moment, When I feel the baby crowning, the love of my life is here. I dream of the baby’s first cry, how it will be like the sweetest song I have ever heard. I think about seeing that small innocent face, who chose me to be it’s mother. How did I get so lucky? I have been watching movies, clips and reading books about giving birth. I have been making baby clothes when I do not even know if I will be having a girl or boy yet. And then there are the more uncomfortable parts about bring over 7 months pregnant, like the restless nights, back pain, heart burn, ankles aching, and kung fu lessons happening inside my belly…BUT, it is all way worth it. And Really, I should not complain about these little aches and pains when I have labor to look forward to.

But on the topic of labor. I know that labor is associated with pain and discomfort. But I know that it is possible to enjoy labor. It is a sacred, sexual and spiritual event that women go through during birth. I know that I can get through the contractions by breathing, remembering that this pressure is the opening of the mouth of my uterus, so that my baby can enter into this world. I must relax and let my body take over. I must let nature do what it does best. Giving birth is natural, it is beautiful and sacred. I will not let negativity into my surroundings during my birth. I know my husband is the best supporter I could ever ask for. He will help me relax, he will make Ifa medicine to make my birth easy and safe. I have a beautiful event to look forward to.

I pray that my baby is healthy.

I pray that my baby will be born safely

I pray that all the motherly spirits will be with me during this birth, supporting me and comforting me,

I pray that I will be strong and fearless

I pray this birth will be blessed by all the orisa.